What is the difference between White Stevia Pure Extract and Reb-99 Pure Rebaudioside-A Extract?

NuNaturals currently offers two different Stevia extracts:

NuStevia® White Stevia™ Pure Extract
This is our flagship stevia ingredient. We have successfully transitioned this extract from an 80% stevioside extract to a 95% stevioside extract. With the increase in purity, this product is sweeter and even more delicious than in the past. The bitter components of the Stevia leaf have been removed with an enzymatic process.

NuStevia® Reb99™ Pure Rebaudioside-A
This is a 99% Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A) extract of the Stevia leaf. Reb-A is known to be the sweetest element of the stevia leaf, with the most pleasant taste. Reb99™ is the purest form of Reb-A available. Because there is a smaller amount of Reb-A in the plant, it is more costly to produce an extract of this purity.

Both extracts are delicious, and we offer both so that customers can decide which fits their taste and price preferences. 

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