Why is there less in each packet?

The product you purchased is a different product than the one you may have purchased before.

The product you formerly had purchased was the White Stevia Powder and contains Maltodextrin. These packets contain 1 gram of material and they have more volume so they fill the packet. They are also powdery versus crystalline.
The NoCarbs Blend contains the same amount of Stevia. The filler is different. We are using Erythritol in this product and it is a much heavier material by volume so we use 0.5g. The NoCarbs blend with Erythritol does offer a different taste profile than the White Stevia Powder with Maltodextrin.  We offer customers both of these products as a choice. Your store should still carry both White Stevia Powder and NoCarbs Blend.
Both products contain exactly the same amount of Stevia extract.

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