How is your Organic Green Banana Flour made?

The process of producing NuNaturals Organic Green Banana Flour is the following:

  1. The process starts with the reception of organic green bananas.
  2. Then the fruit is selected and washed.
  3. The skin is separated from the pulp.
  4. The pulp is sliced to facilitate the dehydration process.
  5. The pulp is dehydrated at 140 to 160ºC in a rotating dryer oven with a continuous cycle.
  6. The dehydrated pulp with 8 to 10% of humidity is temporarily stored for approximately 12 hours.
  7. The dehydrated and cold pulp is ground until converted into Organic Green Banana Flour.
  8. The Organic Green Banana Flour is sifted to meet requirements of product thickness.
  9. Simultaneously, the sifted Organic Green Banana Flour is packed.
  10. The packed Organic Green Banana Flour is stored until its delivery.
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